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A duvet is typically a solid white comforter filled with down or a down alternative. A comforter is generally the same as a duvet but usually comes in colors and patterns and doesn't use a cover.

It's difficult to tell quality without seeing a duvet or comforter. Still, certain tell-tale signs are thread-count (at least 300), good outer shell material, good inner fill material. If you are looking at the bedding in person, feel the material and its loft and look to make sure the stitching is even and there are no loose threads.

Mattress topper is designed to change your firm mattress to soft. Our mattress topper is made of premium high-density memory foam, which can keep spinal alignment and soothe painful body spots. Release your whole-day fatigue so you can easily enjoy a full night of rechargeable sleep.

How to choose the right bedding?

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