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As with All QUEEN ROSE products, our pregnancy pillow covers are crafted with premium fabrics, specifically velvet, jersey, cotton and cooling fabric. You can easily change the look by using different pillow covers. Seasonality is also a popular reason to consider, most of our customers choose the Velvet in cooling seasons while they prefer the cooling one in summer.

Before the first use, you should wash the pillow cover because the fabric may be starched during cutting production and shipping. Washing the pillow cover will remove the starch. Machine wash according to the instructions on the care label carefully.

Certainly NOT! Grab in full the end part of the pillow and guide it until the end of the cover. Once you have it on the right place just spread the filling with some slaps to remove any bumps, after that slide the cover up through the leg keeping clamped both cover and pillow at the lower end. Do the same operation for the other leg and just close back the zippers in your pillow cover.
And NOW we have upgrade versions, the zipper runs the full length of the pillow cover, making it much easier to remove and put in the pillow cover.

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Pregnancy Pillow

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