5 Bedroom Essential To A Goodnight's Sleep

5 Bedroom Essential To A Goodnight's Sleep
a room with blackout curtains


Blackout curtains is definitely a must-have for light sleepers. How useful is it at night you may ask. Well, blackout curtains are extreme great help in eliminating light pollution at night especially when you are living in high-rise building where lights from your neighbouring blocks and apartment gets into your room. Blackout curtains sets your room into a complete darkness which helps condition your mind to prepare for bedtime. 

2. Dehumidifier with lighting

humidifier with warm lighting

Humidifiers adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that may cause body irritation and ease symptoms of cold and flu. It is recommended to use humidifiers in cold sleeping environment to prevent cracked lips, dry skin (leading to skin irritations), nose bleeding and other allergy symptoms. Bonus if you're using a blackout curtain, a dehumidifier with lighting provides a soft / warm light to your room's surrounding and these light settings can also help in relieving your tensions before sleep. 

Speaking of tension relieve, adding a few drops of essential oils to your humidifier also helps elevate your mood and provides you with better sleep quality. Be sure to clean your humidifier routinely to ensure the cleanliness of your sleep environment. Here are some essential oil scent recommended to enhance your sleep: 
Lavender - soothe tension, relieve for insomnia 
Sandalwood  - mood balancing 
Eucalyptus - helps with cold and flu
Chamomile - calming and relaxing to the mind 
Peppermint - carries a hint of refreshing note to help clear allergies (and your mind)
YlangYlang - lowers blood pressure and heart rate
(*note: to avoid using YlangYlang, Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil if you share a same room with your pets as it is considered toxic to their organs)
3. Hybrid Mattresses 

Queen Rose brand hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses is one of the new, but not-so-new kid in town. A mix of innerspring and memory foam, the hybrid mattress provides a great balance in supporting your sleep position while being wallet-friendly. While there are several options available in the market, majority of the hybrid mattress has got one thing in common - medium firmness, which, supports majority of the sleepers and their sleep positions.
Other properties you may find in hybrid mattresses includes its cooling property, affordability, reduced motion transfers and more. So since there are so so so many brands out there offering hybrid mattresses at competitive prices, how do we know we have made the right purchase or even, to avoid making the wrong purchase? 

Here's a bonus, when shopping for your new mattresses, be sure to look out for CertiPUR-US certified, non-fibreglass and integrated with body heat regulation technology. CertiPUR-US is a certification endorsed to manufacturers who comply to using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials in their bedding products, which in turn, guarantee your sleep security as well as the environment's. Non-fibreglass made mattress ensures that in the event you have accidentally damaged the surface of your mattress, these small particles are not present to cause potential harm to your body. And lastly, heat regulating technology helps ensure that your body heat could be reduced and regulated, preventing overheating and night sweats as you sleep. 

4. Cooling Bedsheets

a set of clean bedsheets

As far as having a cooling mattress is essential, what comes above it plays an important role to keeping your body heat at check too. Say.. your mattress toppers, protectors and bedsheets. Cooling sheets enhances your sleep quality by preventing you from waking up from heat and night sweats as these cooling technology integrated bedding products can help reduce body heat up to 30%.

However, despite not sweating or sweating less during sleep, it is still important that we keep in mind to change our bedsheets regularly to practice good sleeping hygiene and to eliminate possible irritation due to dirty sheets.
5. Pillows

sets of comfortable pillow placed on a bed

Last but not least, the right pillow. The last thing we want is to wake up with a stiff neck the next morning. Selecting the right pillow is as important as selecting the right mattress. There are several pillows out there in the market each serving different purposes depending on your needs. While the most common pillows that most household uses are down alternative filled, other pillows like memory foam, orthopaedic or even pregnancy pillows each provides different levels of support. 

But, regardless of which pillow is your preferred option, always remember to change a new set of pillows every 3 to 6 months to keep a proper hygiene (cause, who knows how much drool sips in there eh?). 

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