Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreams And Their Meanings


Dreams are manifested when our brain is in an active state processing the events that we experienced in our wakeful state. And their signs can vary greatly depending on the our experiences, emotions, and subconscious processes towards our wakeful events. Here are some common dreams we experience and possible causes of such dreams: 

Dreams Involving Flying

Flight or floating experiences in dreams may indicate a sign of freedom, liberation but also the desire to escape from limitation and restriction of your current situation. The act of flying may represent the dreamer's journey of self-realisation, empowerment, or spiritual awakening.

Being Chased in Your Dream 

Being chased in dreams (not by your crush) signifies avoidance or confrontation with unresolved issues which leads to experience fear, anxiety, stress or pressure. Taking some time going through situations that you have experienced recently and approaching them strategically could help elevate your suppressed mood for better sleep quality. 

Dream of Losing a Close Individual 

The vision of losing a close friend or family member, even a partner in your dream indicates that you somehow have deep emotional connection with this individual and signs of losing them in your dream includes fear of loss, growing dependency with this individual, or the feel of this individual losing certain quality that he or she used to possessed.

Being Unable to Move or Speak in Your Dreams

Also known as sleep paralysis, which usually occurs during the transition between sleep and wakefulness, sleep paralysis could be caused by anxiety, stress, intake of alcohol or certain drugs, or underlying health issues. It is best to seek medical attention if you are experiencing frequent sleep paralysis. 

Understanding The Connection 

Understanding the connection between our dreams and wakefulness event could create awareness and providing ourselves with beneficiary approach to our wakeful surrounding to ensure positive mental well-being and sleep quality. 

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