How to improve the quality of sleep of pregnant moms?

How to improve the quality of sleep of pregnant moms?

When a female being pregnant, she undergoes major changes psychologically and physically. Some pregnant women do not adapt to it. At the same time, they face many troubles such as frequent urination, leg cramps, anxiety, insomnia, etc. So, what are the ways to make pregnant mothers sleep better?

Improve the sleep environment
Dr. Wen Kai, an obstetrician, said that choosing a comfortable maternity pillow and adjusting its height to support your abdomen or back, or placing it between your legs , or using it to elevate the legs to improve blood return. Changing to a more supportive bed can help distribute the pressure on the abdomen. All of these changes may help improve sleep during pregnancy.
Keep exercising during pregnancy
After being a mother-to-be, it is still important to maintain an appropriate exercise routine, ensuring that you have 20-30 minutes of exercise each day. Pregnant mothers can do some soft and low-intensity exercise, such as walking, yoga, swimming, etc. After exercise, you can take a comfortable warm bath, which can effectively improve the mood and the quality of sleep.
Healthy Diet
Many pregnant women will supplement a lot of highly nutritious food during pregnancy, but it is not recommended.It is recommended that bland, easily digestible food be the main focus, no coffee, tea, cola and other stimulating drinks, no fried food, no indigestible food, and no food 2-3 hours before bedtime.
In case of severe urinary frequency, drink less water for 2-3 hours before bedtime to reduce the times of nighttime urinations. Also, if the mother-to-be has digestive problems with milk products, then do not drink milk before bedtime.
Maintaining a positive mood
It is very important for pregnant mothers to learn to manage their emotions effectively. If you can't sleep, you can get up and read a book or listen to soothing music. Don't always think about why you can't sleep, it's easy to add anxiety to yourself, thus aggravating insomnia.
In addition, it is easy to become drowsy during pregnancy, so it is recommended to adjust the sleep schedule and try not to sleep except during the lunch break so as not to affect sleep at night.
Develop a healthy sleep routine
It is easy to become drowsy during pregnancy
After pregnancy, there will be more sleep than during the non-pregnant period. Total sleep time is limited to about 8-10 hours per day.
Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women develop good sleep habits, sleep on time, and do not delay sleep because of work or other things. Then, it is worth noting that it is important not to reverse the day and night, which is very detrimental to health. If you do not sleep well at night, you can consider napping for 0.5-1 hours during the day.
Maintain the correct posture for sleeping
When sleeping, the posture also needs to be careful. It is generally recommended that pregnant women try to sleep on their left side in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.Because the uterus increases in size as the gestational cycle grows, it occupies the entire abdominal cavity, squeezing the adjacent stomach, intestines and bladder, while the uterus rotates to the right to varying degrees. Pregnant mothers adopt the left side sleeping position, which can reduce the right rotation of the uterus and also reduce the discomfort caused by the weight of the uterus to varying degrees. Therefore, lying on the left side is the best sleeping position during pregnancy.

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