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U-shaped pillow, E-shaped pillow, Luxury sleeping pillow.

Finding the right pillow will depend on a few key factors: bed size, your height and personal preference.
- Bed Size: U-shaped body pillow that hugs you front and back, the most popular shape, but it will take up more space on your bed. It depends on the size of your bed (and maybe your partner). E-shaped pillow provides just- needed support for back, belly and legs, and will NOT take less space than a u-shaped pillow.
- Your Height : A right pillow must full cover your body, from your head to legs. You need to consider your height before purchase. We provide options in 55", 60", 65"
- Material: If you are a hot sleeper, you may prefer a material providing a cooling feeling. While you are a normal sleeper, you velvet may like the soft smooth feeling velvet provides.

- Indeed, more than 40 percent of our customers are not pregnant women, but they love it. Our pregnancy pillow (include u shape and E shape) provides a cloud-like feeling while sleeping, cozy on your front and back side make you fall and stay asleep easily. Some customers buy it for surgery recovery. Besides, it serves very well when sitting up on couch/floor/bed, you will get surrounding support while enjoying the movie/book/game.

We offer FREE standard shipping for this mattress model and delivery takes 3-10 business days. You'll receive a tracking number once available.

Our pillows come compressed. Please pat and shake it to refluff, and allow it for 24-36 hours to expand. If still fluffy after 72 hours please contact us with E-mail support@queenrose.com,our customer service personnel will communicate with you and solve your problem.

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Pregnancy Pillow

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